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This is a long day. Well, Big Brother hasn't stopped me from writing...yet. So I will talk and assume people are still interested in what I have to say. :P

Last night Evan and I had our first dance lesson, and it was so much fun! We were both nervous about it, but our instructor is nice and we felt like we did a good job. We learned a step each of foxtrot, waltz, and swing. Well, I already knew the swing one, but Evan didn't. Dancing comes naturally to me. After six years of ballet, six years of marching band, and about six years of exercise videos, plus a short swing-dancing phase in college, I'm good at following directions. This is why, at clubs and stuff, I prefer line dances to just freestyle dancing (at which I'm not so good). Anyway, I was comfortable and had a good time. The only problem was that I kept putting my feet together, instinctively, at the end of every step. I haven't marched in seven years, but every once in a while, something like that will remind me that all my training is still in there.

When we got home, Kathy called to ask if she could come over and take the rest of her stuff that she'd left at the apartment. Yay! She took her computer and its desk, which had been in the living room, and a bunch of stuff from the main closet. Now the living room seems almost too spacious. My mom is totally redecorating my parents' house, so when their new furniture arrives in a month or so, we're getting their current couch. A real couch! I only have a big loveseat and some chairs. Evan is off this afternoon, so now that we have room, he's going to bring some of his stuff over. I'm ready to get started arranging our apartment. :)

Also, it was exciting to see Kathy twice in a three-day period. I don't know if I've mentioned this, but we've always had a weird tendency to wear the same colors. As soon as she walked in, I noticed we were both wearing a dark red sleeveless top and dark pants. We haven't lived together for over two months! Evan says the real kicker is, how many days have we dressed the same and not known it? Kathy says that when we're old and in the nursing home, we'll probably be wearing the same muumuu when we come down to the cafeteria. This led to speculation about whether our generation, when old, will even wear muumuus.

Okay, enough from the peanut gallery. I hope everyone's having a nice day.
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