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Mar. 7th, 2003 10:05 am
chestnutcurls: (Belle)
[personal profile] chestnutcurls
I had such a fun night last night! I went to a banquet with Ryan. He was just going to go by himself, but at the last minute he called me to see if I wanted to come with him. On the way, he explained that it was a banquet for the "interprenner" of the year award for the business group that his company is a part of. I was like, "The what?" "The intreprener award." I was baffled, until it hit me..."Oh! The entrepreneur award!" He got all red and was like, "Everyone says it differently!" :) So all through the banquet, every time the speaker said "entrepreneur," we had to avoid looking at each other so we wouldn't laugh. :) The county mayor was supposed to speak, but he never showed up. Ryan's boss won the award, though, so that was exciting! Anyway, he showed me all around his extremely cool downtown office (including the beautiful river view from the roof), and we ate shrimp and key lime pie. It was a great evening and I felt special that he had asked me. He is totally my Joey Tribbiani. I don't know what I would do without him. :)

Speaking of Friends, the new episode didn't air last night, did it? We watched several episodes when we got back, and Kathy said the President had pre-empted most of the other shows, but she was engrossed in a book and it was hard to get more information out of her. :)

I keep seeing this commercial in which a guy's doctor calls him to give him his cancer screening results, and when he gives him a clean bill of health, the guy says, "Thanks, Doc." This bugs me, because, seriously...does anyone actually call their doctor "Doc"? First of all, it's not a very original nickname (unless your doctor is short, has white hair and glasses, and wears a stocking cap), and second of all, few people actually know their doctor these days. And thirdly, there's no way the doctor would call you about this- they'd get their admins to do it for them. I like realism in my commercials.

I'm feeling wordy today, so watch out.
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