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I hate to sound like a broken record, but the weather here is just unreal. It's almost chilly outside and I love it! This is the least hot August I can ever remember. Everyone is speculating about what this will mean for our winter. I hope it just means that we'll have a long fall. :) All you Florida residents are on my mind today with the hurricane. I can't believe it's been upgraded to a 4. The organization around the eye is pretty impressive, though.

Well, last night I got a big surprise. Ryan had told me he was coming over because he had something for Evan and I...a birthday/early wedding present. He showed up at the back door with a new TV!!! Since Kathy left, I've been using a small castoff TV of my family's that has horrible reception. We've only been getting two channels- and that's with one of those signal enhancers. Ryan said he was tired of hearing me complain about it (which I really only did when he was there and wanted to watch something), so he fixed the problem. :) It's a 27-inch TV with a flattish screen and three A/V inputs, so we can watch DVDs again! The picture quality is awesome, and once my stereo works again, we can hook it up and it'll be like a home theater. I was so excited and surprised. It's unlike Ryan to give presents, let alone such a big present, so it's a happy sign that he's thinking of me in a more familial way. There's no one I'd rather have for a brother-in-law. I am very blessed.

So my birthday weekend is upon me. Monday is my actual birthday and I'm taking it off of work, but the weekend will be full of fun activities. Tonight we're watching the opening ceremonies with Debs and Ryan; tomorrow night we're going to a Derek Webb concert (which means I won't be at [livejournal.com profile] rawee1's bachelorette party - sorry, Robin! :(); Sunday night we're going to the Elvis Candlelight Vigil to wacko-watch; and Monday will be full of meals out and other fun things. Also, going to the DMV, since my license renewal-by-mail form has mysteriously disappeared. :P Going to the Vigil was my mom's idea. She thinks we ought to do something memorable for my 25th, and despite living in Elvis's hometown and being born on his death-day, I've never been to the Vigil. It ought to be hilarious. Don't worry, I'll take pictures. :D

Finally: What impressions do you get from me? And is there anything you associate with me?Whoever answers the above random questions will receive in return my own impressions and associations regarding them (if I haven't done so already!).

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