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Hello, all. I am the world's happiest girl. I had a wonderful weekend with my boyfriend. My boyfriend! How weird is that? I just can't get used to it. I'm glowing so much I'm surprised no one has forced me to wear radiation gear. :)

Friday night, after a nail-biting day of waiting, Evan came over and we talked and decided to become "official." Yay! Emily called shortly thereafter and told me about her and Daniel's engagement (so now we sort of share an anniversary, which is fun). :D

Saturday morning I went to my parents' house to tell them the news. I knew my dad would be glad, but I wasn't so sure about my mom. She surprised me, though. They were both very happy and surprised, and kept saying that he's a good guy. That was a big relief. It's really fun that he already knows my family so well and doesn't have to go through that initiation period. :) After that I went to Wal-Mart to buy my book for 40 Days of Purpose, which starts next month (are any of you doing this? It's nationwide). Then I stopped by Old Navy to get a new shirt for our date. :) I was frustrated because they mainly had cute sweaters, none of which did me any good in the 85-degree weather. But I did manage to find something.

I went home, and after a while Evan came to pick me up. We went to see Matchstick Men, which was excellent. Then he took me to Chili's for dinner. Then we came back to the apartment and he helped me do the dishes, and then we watched Monty Python. It was a very fun first date. :) Happy, happy, happy.

Sunday morning was church. It was a band Sunday, so I played both services and got to see [livejournal.com profile] admael (well, from the stage, anyway). I stayed for all of first service with the guys, and about halfway through the sermon I decided how I was going to tell Ryan. After the benediction, when everyone was dispersing, I told him, "I want you to meet somebody." He said, "Huh?" I pointed at Evan, on my other side, and said, "This is my boyfriend." :) He paused for a second, and then went on with his conversation! I was like, "I'm not kidding!" He said, "Well, what do you want me to say?" I guess he was kind of freaked out. But after a few minutes he was teasing me about it, so I guess he's okay. Evan says not to worry about it. I guess it'll just take time for me to show Ryan he's still going to be my friend, the way he's always been. I have no intention of blowing off my friends- I've learned a valuable lesson where that's concerned. :P

Sunday afternoon I took a much-needed nap, and then went to the first session of the 40 Days Bible study, which was mainly a getting-to-know-you event. I am usually annoyed by icebreakers, but we played I Never and it was actually fun. I learned some things about Evan I didn't know before. :) It's a singles-group study, so most of the people are a lot older, but we all got along. Yay.

Okay, and here are some non-smoo items, just so no one will die of sappiness. :) I just made my annual trek to Bath & Body Works where I am allowed to go in and buy an entire set of something. I love Cotton Blossom, but I wanted something new, so I bought Grapefruit Jasmine. It smells just like my beloved Gap So Pink, only more like a perfume and less like an actual grapefruit. I like it. I also visited my expensive shirt at Goldsmith's, discovered it was still not on sale, and pleaded with it to remain until I could afford it. :)

Chick-fil-A has changed their salads. They put them in a round bowl and added new toppings like broccoli (yum), but they also changed the croutons! And raised the price another dollar! What's up with that? Is there a lettuce shortage?

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