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CONGRATULATIONS to my Em, who just passed the bar exam! I'm so proud! :D *cue SNL skit music* She used to be a student...now she's a lawyer...Unfrozen Non-Student Lawyer!

I've realized something really obvious. Have you ever noticed that almost every famous person or group pushing people (especially young people) to vote is liberal? When was the last time you saw a Republican MTV Rock the Vote rally? I thought that was weird until Evan pointed out that it's in liberals' best interest to promote youth voting, because most young people will vote Democrat. Figures. Did anyone see the Daily Show on Wednesday night? One of their "reporters" went to the last debate and kept going back and forth between the camps in the press room, asking each for the truth about who won the debate. When they each assured him that their side had won, he "began to suspect that they might have their own agenda." The segment ended with him standing in the middle of the room screaming, "This is all a lie and a sham!" and collapsing. It was hilarious - and I can kind of relate. It'll be a relief when the election is over.

Bible study was wonderful last night. The topic was hope, one of my favorite spiritual subjects. :) He talked about how everyone needs hope - something to look forward to. Without hope, we'll die. Maybe not physically, but spiritually. To most people, hope is related to uncertainty (like, "I hope I did well on that test"), but as Christians, our hope is certain (Hebrews 11:1). He went on to say that when Jesus went to the cross, we - the Church - were His hope. It was just amazing. I did a search, and it's surprising how much the New Testament has to say about hope. I feel inspired.

Has anyone heard about this? Wow! I can't wait for the new U2 CD. They're incredible.

I'm excited about this weekend. We're getting the apartment in order, like I mentioned, and Saturday night is my lingerie shower that Myla is throwing. It'll just be a few of us since I didn't want everyone I know there...for obvious reasons. :) Myla definitely knows how to throw a party, though, so it's going to be a lot of fun. Yay!

I can't ever remember feeling as happy as I have these past six months or so. You could say I'm just excited about the wedding, but I like to think that getting married is bringing about a change in me that makes me a more optimistic person. That's what true love is supposed to do, right? God gave us marriage to make us holy. And happy.

Time for a Diet Vanilla Coke!
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