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I need a weekend to recover from my weekend.

On Friday night, I went with Debra to her school talent show. There was, indeed, a surprising amount of talent to be seen. The winner sang "Only Hope" from A Walk to Remember, and she sounded exactly like Mandy Moore. It was incredible; I forgot how much I love that song. It was a very long show, and I didn't get home until late.

Saturday was spent helping Ryan move to his new place. Since Ryan is the most resourceful of my boys, it was an easy move, even though it was just him and me for most of the day. We had fun setting up his new room. I put together his new entertainment system all by myself! :) We tried to watch TV while we organized, but since he has the system in the closet, the reception was bad and we could only get PBS...which was showing a program that consisted of relaxing music and shots of different animals eating. I couldn't stop laughing about it...even now I'm laughing. I don't know why it was so funny. Since his new place is very close to my parents' house, I went over there briefly and watched the news with them. Then my dad started yelling about shooting the war protesters out of cannons, so I went back to Ryan's. :) We had a cookout with Ashley (the new roommate, who is a guy) and his girlfriend. It was nice.

Yesterday, after a great sermon and lunch with Ryan and Luke, I did the laundry, took a walk, and switched my winter clothes for my summer clothes. This process is always traumatic, because I have so many clothes I don't wear, but can't stand to get rid of. Kathy helped me, though, and I did shed a few things. It was exhausting. But then MaryElaine, whom we had invited over to watch the Oscars, came bearing smoothie ingredients, and I was revived. :)

My sickness is slowly abating. I know now that it's just allergies, because as I get closer to flowering trees, I can actually feel things happening in my head. I find it sad that beautiful, happy plants can make me sick. I'm going to enjoy them anyway, though. :)

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