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HAPPY BIRTHDAY, [livejournal.com profile] mickey24sync! And happy late Easter to everyone.

I got off work very early on Friday- it was almost like a half-day. I had time to shop for scrapbook supplies and take a walk. Later, Debs and Ryan and I went to the mall so Debs could shop for capri pants. (Ryan was such a trooper. His face revealed his suffering, but he didn't complain once. :)) Then we went to Shakey's (a frozen custard place) and sat in Debra's truck for a long time, eating our Blizzard-like shakeys and talking about the cars and clothing passing by. One girl was wearing a skirt that seemed to be made from a scarf. I liked it, but Ryan insisted that it looked like a pillowcase. For some reason, this was really hilarious.

On Saturday I went to band practice and to the library. (I am queen of the nerds.) Kathy was gone all day, so later I got bored and went to the mall to find an Easter dress. I got a nice, flouncy one for only twelve dollars (due to discounts and a giftcard I'd been hoarding). I also got slightly ill on Diet Vanilla Coke, thus discovering that I cannot use it as a replacement for my elusive favorite, Diet Cherry Coke. I can only find DCC in 20-oz bottles at gas stations, but I know that other cities have it at regular stores! In 2-liters! Kathy suggested ordering it online, but I can't even express how pathetic I would feel doing that. :)

Easter was a nice day, if a little weird. I was nervous about "performing" for the first time in six years. The first service went well, but I hadn't realized how exhausting it would be to play the congregational music, since it was pretty much 10 minutes of continuous playing. Maybe this is why I was sort of lacking in the second service...I was sad about that. But it was church, so it was good. Afterwards I got to meet [livejournal.com profile] admael, who goes to my church, but whom I just met last week through [livejournal.com profile] jessecho. It was nice to talk to her, and it'll be nice to know someone at church besides the remnants of the college/career group. :)

Ryan and I spent the rest of the day at my parents' house, eating a lot of candy and generally being bored. It made me glad that he was willing to hang out and do nothing with me and my family when he could have gone to his girlfriend's house, or something. Being bored together- that's what real friendship is about. :) Around dinnertime, Evan came over, ate two plates of food, then sat around being uncommunicative while Ryan, Debs and I watched a Michael Jackson special, waiting for his nose to fall off. :) Fun times.

When I stopped to think about it, I realized that I can't remember an Easter when it wasn't raining for at least part of the day. Isn't that weird? Especially since it falls on a different date every year.

We took Bun outside for a little while, since it was a special day for bunnies. :)

Hermanas y un conejo.

Two bunnies on the porch swing. :)

And here's Rilla the Amaryllis, blooming happily.

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