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No me gusta el lunes. Especially when I have had a crazy (and fun) weekend with very little rest.

Friday: A whole horde of us went to the Greek Food Festival. It was delicious. :) I began to doubt my ancestry when I noticed that all the Greek women there looked just like me, with dark curly hair and something similar about the nose. I called my mother to ask if she was sure we weren't Greek. She laughed at me. Ryan, Luke, Myla, her boyfriend, and I moved on to Applebee's, where we had drinks and encountered another weird waiter. Then we tried to go see A Mighty Wind, but it was sold out, so we saw Identity instead. Please, someone see this movie so I can talk freely about it!

Saturday: I had a nice afternoon helping Kathy and her mom with the gardening. Then I went to this year's excellent performance of ENCORE with my sister, at her high school- she wasn't in it this year. At intermission, I ran into Ryan in the crowd with his quasi-girlfriend and another girl, which was nice since I had invited him to come and he said he was going to a baseball game. I stood around and talked to them after the show. QG and her friend were talking about how big the school atrium was. I said, "Yeah, this place is huge." The friend looked at me, and in the very voice of Elle Woods, said, "Do you go here?" Yippee.

Sunday: I went to church with my family for Mother's Day. It was nice to worship with them again. Well, with my dad, since my mom was working in the nursery. At one point I went there to tell her something, and her 15-year-old nursery assistant saw me. Later, my mom mentioned that I was her "older daughter," and the girl was shocked that I was not her age. After church, we had Mother's Day lunch at Chili's. As we were being seated, the hostess looked directly at me and asked my parents if we needed any children's menus. For the third time in twenty-four hours, I was mistaken for a fifteen-year-old. Someday I will be happy when this happens. Anyway, then we went to see It Runs In the Family (which was awful- don't waste your money). In the evening I went to Jamie's graduation party, and then to Starbucks to meet Lisa! Yes, Lisa is just as cool and pretty as Jessica claims. :) We had a fun talk. I was so glad to meet her. Hopefully she will come back to visit this summer, and we can really hang out. Yay!

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